Unifi combines the highest quality recycled fiber with high-performing technologies, ensuring the sustainability consumers expect and the performance they demand.
They love sustainability so much collecting their own plastic bottles and feed them into their vertically integrated process to create recycled polyester that can be used to make almost anything earth-friendly in textile field, as filament, staple fiber and fiber fill products.


To get a performing and economically advantageous system for dispensing recipes for their small-batch dyeing machines of 1 or 2 bobbins capacity.


To supply an automatic dispensing system, working without any operators intervention, for small recipes avoiding any risk of error, working 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.


Unifi had already adopted a Tecnorama dispensing system used to cover their small-batches dyeing machines needs and, knowing the versatility, accuracy and experience in the development of dispensing systems, they decided to trust Tecnorama solutions again. It has been supplied a system consisting of a Dosorama WSL dispensing machine and a rotating belt TA20 where all the recipe beakers are housed up. The manual operations have been completely eliminated because the small recipes are dispensed in powder or solution forms, according to the dyeing shades. The Tecnorama system has been interfaced to the supervision system adopted by Unifi, able to communicate directly and avoid operator manual inputs. In this way, complete automation of the dispensing processes has been obtained. Later UNIFI decided to replace the old manual dyeing machines of two bobbins capacity with the new Tecnorama automatic ones. Their system is actually composed by a Dosorama WSL dispensing machine and two dyeing modules Dyrama 8R/200 – in total16 single individual kiers – completely eliminating the manual dispensing and dyeing requiring an intermediate step.


Date: 2016 and 2017