TECNORAMA® develops and manufactures systems for the laboratory which pinpoint the EXACT RECIPE needed to be sent to the dyeing machines to  avoid continuous correcting  and re-dyeing during the production phase.

The Dos&Dye® system deals with the dyeing of any type of textile material both for laboratory and small batches.

The solutions offered by Tecnorama provide for the automatic dispensing and dissolving of dyestuffs and chemicals – both liquid and solid – and their transfer, when they have been dissolved, to the different points selected to be used.

The systems for the completely automatic dyeing management both for laboratory and bulk are the results of studies of the internal Research & Development Department to offer the market innovative solutions always improving quality and productivity for all dye-house processes. Substantial investments, numerous industrial property rights and other essential requirements officially qualify Tecnorama as an innovative SME in accordance with the directives of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

Each year, most of the investments of the company are aimed at developing new projects and new technologies giving special attention to their impact on the environment. Tecnorama is concerned with the issue of sustainability, therefore it is a supporter of the “Sustainable Technologies” project that promotes ecologically efficient and valid solutions, which result in giving substantial benefits consistent with the reduction of production expenses. In this framework, the company has been awarded the ACIMIT Green Label – an energy/environmental labelling developed by the Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association and certified by the International Certification Authority Body, RINA.

The systems developed by Tecnorama reproduce accurately the production processes in the laboratory, thus allowing reduced water and energy consumption permitting a responsible use of natural resources.

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