Analytical device for reading the color exaustions in a dye-bath by trasmittance technology

SPECTRODYE has been developed by TECNORAMA to help dye-house technicians to study and find the best dye combinations possible concerning quality, productivity and cost for each dye formula to be used in bulk production. With this system it is possible to study the technical features of each individual dyestuff and its behaviour during the whole dyeing process. In this way the color variations during the dyeing program are monitored and recorded step by step. The exhaustion of each single dyestuff is controlled during the variation of pH, temperature, salinity, etc. in the dye-bath and matched by a new and original optical device in combination with a spectrophotometer and controlled by an advanced management software.




This device is available in a portable version (SPECTRODYE T)  that can be easily connected to all the dyeing autoclaves (for woven, knitted fabric, yarn, etc.) and of all capacities, for laboratory and small batch, as well for bulk production, having a bath irculation circuit (circulation pump).