Dyeing module with individual groups of 4 kiers, for samples from 5 up to 20 g

SHAKERAMA® 4R/20 is the system for dyeing laboratory samples, designed and produced by TECNORAMA to complete its range of automatic dyeing machines forming part of the DOS&DYE® COMPACT system. This machine is particularly suitable for dyeing knitwear and fabric made of all fibers type: natural, artificial and synthetic.
SHAKERAMA is conceived to work with groups of more autoclaves carrying out simultaneously dyeing cycles with different recipes but using the same dyeing program. Thanks to the electric heating system it is possible to reach a maximum temperature of 140° C. With this type of heating system (bain-marie), perfect temperature uniformity and regularity is guaranteed for all dyeing units. The name SHAKERAMA means the system chosen to “shake” the liquor and move the textile material, so as to ensure uniform dyeing processes, with liquor ratios as low as 1:5. SHAKERAMA has been devised to form part of the wellknown DOS&DYE® system, thus it works completely independently and automatically.
As for the other TECNORAMA automatic dyeing machines, the dispensing of dyestuffs and chemicals which are part of dyeing recipes are done directly and automatically into the dyeing units by the multi-pipette dispensing system. Other chemicals can also be dispensed automatically during dyeing processes. In other words, SHAKERAMA is an innovative dyeing machine that fits in perfectly with the “Full Automatic” philosophy of the DOS&DYE®.
The creation of SHAKERAMA marks the final element, introducing a new type of dyeing system with the “shaking” of the liquor and the textile material at the same time, similar to the working concept of the Jet and Jet-Flow dyeing machines used in bulk.