Laboratory recipes dispensing machine with high productivity, with simultaneous dispensing of all the products

DOSORAMA HS machine is unique in its kind and carries out the automatic and simultaneous dispensing of all components in a laboratory dye recipe. The simultaneous dispensing of all components of one formula allows the machine high levels of productivity: 10 times higher than the maximum productivity of the actual dispensing machines available on the market, which instead usually dispense one product at a time. DOSORAMA HS can perform up to 180 complete recipes in one hour of work.
The newest and original dispensing system “Multijet High Speed Technology” patented, designed and built by TECNORAMA allows DOSORAMA HS exceptional working performances, never reached before by other machines, while maintaining a high degree of accuracy in the dispensing of the individual component. The rapid dispensing execution of the recipes has as a consequence the preparation “Just in Time” of the dye-baths. In this way there are no delays or waits at the start of dyeing tests, with resulting full use of all machineries available and with the possibility to maintain the working programs within the established times.