Suction and dissolving systems for powder dyestuffs

The FAST-TRACK is an instrument designed to aspirate, mix with water and dissolve dyestuffs in powder or granules form, and then automatically transfer the solution to the dyeing machines.

Mainly the FAST-TRACK is composed by: 

• One special pump designed with two inputs lines (one for the aspirated dyestuffs and one for the water) and one outlet line (for the solution).
• One mixing tank connected to the pump through inlet and outlet pipes, fitted on the pump body.
• Suction device and piping placed on the second pump inlet.

During the normal working conditions, the pump draws the water from the auxiliary tank and continuously moves it creating an internal circulation. During this water recirculation, a vortex is created and then an aspiration on the second inlet where a pipeline is connected, from which, thanks to the exerted depression, it is possible to introduce both solid (color) and liquid components into the circuit. The solid material, if soluble, upon contact with the circulating water and the strong mechanical action generated by the pump impellers, allows the immediate dissolving of the dyestuffs powders. This operation can be maintained until the total quantity of powder dyestuff required is loaded into the system.

At this point, when the dissolving operation is completed, the system automatically transfers the obtained solution to the selected dyeing machine. This operation is carried out using the same pump, but diverting the flow into the distribution pipe, by a three-way valve placed between the recirculation pipe and the distribution pipe.