Dosorama MV, MVP, MVF, Tecnorama
Technical features
available versions 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 products
dispensing accuracy MV: ± 2 %
MVP: ± 0,2 cc
MV-MVP: ± 0,2 cc
MVF: ± 5 %
minimum dispensed quantity MV: 150 cc
MVP: 5 cc
MV-MVP: 5 cc
MVF: 300 cc

Bulk systems for the volumetric dispensing of liquid chemicals and auxiliaries

DOSORAMA MV is an automatic dispensing machine for liquid products for small, medium and big quantities.

The dispensing system dispenses through a special volumetric device with an accuracy of ± 2%. Dispensed products are automatically transferred to terminals through a distribution system. A special automatic device can be installed for refilling the empty containers. A barcode reading system prevents refilling mistakes with a wrong product in the wrong container.

Thanks to the know-how of TECNORAMA concerning laboratory systems, a special version of this dispensing machine, named DOSORAMA MVP, has been developed for the minimum dispensing of 5 cc, guaranteeing an accuracy of ± 0.2 cc.

The two versions can be combined in a single system, called DOSORAMA MV-MVP to be able to cover all dyehouse dispensing requirements of any capacity machines, both for small batches as 1 kg, up to the bulk production.

Another version, called DOSORAMA MVF, is dedicated to the dispensing of large quantities of chemical products to serve the finishing lines (stenters). Dosing pump, flowmeter and valves are designed and suitable for these lines.