Dosorama MP, Tecnorama
Technical features
available versions 12, 24, 36 silos
silos capacity approx. 125 kg
dispensing accuracy ± 1 g
minimum dispensed quantity 50 g
bucket maximum dispensed quantity 50 kg

Automatic bulk system for the gravimetric dispensing of dyestuffs in powder form with accuracy of ± 1 g and silos of 125 kg capacity

DOSORAMA MP is designed to automatically dispense solid dyestuffs (powders, granules, pearls, etc.) for medium and large dispensing with a maximum accuracy of ± 1 g. The special dispensing system conceived by TECNORAMA allows quick and extremely accurate dispensing and completely avoids the formation of “bridges” that can interrupt dyestuff dispensing. The flow of dyestuff powders is continuous and steady. Storage silos of DOSORAMA MP are pneumatically refilled, without any operator contact with dyestuffs during the transfer from the supplier containers to the storage silos. Checking with a barcode scanner prevents any error of refilling the dyestuff in the wrong silo. Electronic scales are used to check the weight of the dyestuff already transferred to the silos and to automatically update the color-file in real time.
The dispensing machine can be used in combination with one or more special dissolving units that automatically transfer dissolved dyestuffs to the various dyeing machines. The same bucket used for dispensing is used as a dissolving container. Pipes, buckets itself and dissolving units are automatically cleaned at the same time. In this way the bucket can be reused for another dispensing operation, once the transfer is complete, without additional cleaning processes.