Dyeing module with 8 individual kiers, for samples from 10 up to 20 g

TURBODYE 8R/20 is an ideal solution for every automation and reliability problem of the samples dyeing in laboratory. With this machine any type of material can be dyed (tops, flock, yarn, fabric/cloth, knitwear, etc.) with all known dyeing procedures on every type of natural, artificial and synthetic fibers. It is a frame with 8 individual dyeing kiers, to process samples from 10 up to 20 grams, according to the liquor ratio (from 1:8 up to 1:20). Each single dyeing kier is managed by an individual program. The maximum working temperature is 140°C, reachable by an electrical resistance (jacket) and the cooling is indirect by forced air circulation. The bath circulation is obtained using a magnetic turbine (external/internal) with automatic speed variation using an inverter.

It is available a large range of material carriers (beams, baskets, etc.) according to the form of the sample to dye. The samples parking can house up to maximum 40 material holders.