Fast color fastness test analysis device for all textile fibers

MULTI-FASTEST is an analytical device designed to obtain quick responses on the fastness of dyes on fabrics, yarns, knitwear, etc. The specific hardware and software installed on the system and on the PC, make possible to create customer working programs to carry out tests and obtain analytical results in just a few minutes.

A number of fastness tests are possible including: • water fastness (cold-hot) • swimming pool water • sea water • acid sweat • alkaline sweat • washing tests 40°C up to 95°C • extraction with water • pH control

This device may be used as process control during the dyeing phases. It is suitable to carry out numerous and different fastness tests by dyeing laboratories before unloading the goods from the dyeing machines or by the users of textile materials, who wish to verify quickly and safely the fastness proprieties just in few minutes, or check the right pH of the goods before dyeing to prevent different shades not due to wrong formulas or procedures, but to wrong initial pH of the goods.
A single machine offers technical solutions capable of quickly and automatically carrying out a lot of fastness tests in a very easy way. The results of the several tests are very close to the standard ones.