Clearness water analysis instrument after the dyeing process

ECODYERAMA is an instrument suitable to measure the water clearness during washing after dyeing process. This device is easy to apply, and can be used on all existing dyeing machines. It is suitable for any type of fibre and/or form of textile material (flock, yarn in cones and skeins, fabrics, knitting, etc.) and can monitor any type of dyeing process (reactive, direct, acid-based, etc.). Water quality is analysed by means of a special optical nstrument capable of checking the presence of minimum quantities of dyestuff remaining in the washing water (RGB technology).
ECODYERAMA is to all intents and purposes, a very important and cost-effective ecological system. Since it is possible to know, automatically and scientifically, when the dyeing process is completely finished, this prevents water waste from unnecessary additional washes. It also allows to significantly shorten dyeing process times, thus raising productivity.