Dispensing machine for dyestuffs solutions and chemicals with volumetric MULTI-PIPETTE system, with automatic solutions preparation and powder dyestuffs dispensing

DOSORAMA WS is the most highly developed automatic dispensing machine for laboratories, available on the market. The system is able to dispense solid and liquid products, dyestuffs or chemicals, with a high accuracy. DOSORAMA WS is not only able to automatically dispense recipes containing dyestuffs in solid and solution form or even mixes of the two, but it can also automatically prepare titrated solutions with the same ones on the machine.
The bottles containing dyestuffs and/or expired or finished products are automatically replaced with other bottles containing new solutions without any operator’s intervention. Optional extras include:

  • automatic bottle washing and drying system to let bottles immediately re-usable for preparing other solutions;
  • one or more stirred and heated stations to keep solutions with high concentrations of salt (NaCl or Na2So4) in the best conditions for use, avoiding precipitation or product crystallization while on DOSORAMA machine.