Dispensing machine for dyestuffs and chemicals solutions with volumetric MULTI-PIPETTE system

This original development of TECNORAMA confirms that the volumetric dispensing system is simple and practical, ideal in the laboratory automation for the new millennium. In fact, with the introduction of the original stainless steel “multi-pipette” solution conceived by TECNORAMA, all residual limits present in the classic, single pipette volumetric system have been eliminated. No additional cleaning of the pipettes is necessary because each solution has its own pipette. For this reason a considerable increase in productivity is possible: 40% or more compared to the single pipette system. Another major technical benefit of this system is the total elimination of any residual contamination among the different solutions. It is possible to use specific pipettes studied to solve special requirements and different features of individual products like viscosity, quantity, accuracy, speed, and so on. An electronic scale can control the real quantities dispensed and in this way, all dispensing performances can be recorded. This scale is important for the automatic self-calibration of each pipette in order to keep the system under constant control (check-up). The system is completed by the use of the semi-automatic solution maker PSE, connected to DOSORAMA W.

Under customer request it is available DOSORAMA WP version that, in the case of connection with DYRAMA modules, allows solid chemicals dispensing directly inside the dyeing kiers, in order to keep a low liquor bath ratio.