Laboratory multi-pipette dispensing system with automatic solution maker

DOSORAMA CLEVER was conceived to integrate in a single machine the original DOSORAMA SMART dispensing system of liquid chemicals and dye solutions combine with the innovative powders dispensing system for the automatic preparation of titrated solutions. The two dosing systems work independently and move autonomously, each being served by their own dedicated robot. This highly performing machine was designed to significantly reduce technical maintenance interventions and to allow their easier management. Being a multi-pipette system, it eliminates any risk of contamination of the various products between them and with the operator. All the various operations are performed automatically without any need of manual interventions including bottle washing.

The complete solution includes, in the frame of DOSORAMA CLEVER, automatic dyeing machines in a simplified version: 2 groups of SHAKERAMA with 4 autoclaves or 6 single units TURBODYE, able to process all textile materials. This offer is a more affordable version of DOS&DYE system for those companies needing small daily production in the laboratory maintaining all the qualitative and productive advantages guaranteed by the DOS&DYE system.