Automatic dyeing system for small batches of fabric and knitted fabric

DYRAMA JETFLOW is an original system managing, in a completely automatic way, the dyeing of fabric and knitwear for small lots, from 2 up to 30 kg in the standard sizes (bigger sizes are also available on demand).

This DYRAMA is a special system consisting of 4 individual JETFLOW dyeing units. To increase the dyeing capacity, more DYRAMA JETFLOW can be added in the same DOS&DYE® system.

The system is conceived to allow the automatic loading and unloading of the fabric by a particular and original solution from the dyeing units to the parking station and vice-versa.

In this way the system can work autonomously 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, using one daily working shift only.

DOS&DYE® JETFLOW is a very new and innovative solution in this particular field of the sampling and small batch.