Automatic dyeing system for small batches of yarn cones

Automatic and robotized dyeing machines for small batches, suitable to dye yarn in packages of different standard sizes from 1 kg up to 6 kg (larger sizes are also available on demand). The DYRAMA machines have a parking station with 36 positions. A robot loads/unloads the spindles with yarn packages from the parking station to the dyeing unit and vice-versa. Each DYRAMA has 4 individual autoclave dyeing units: each one of these can dye from 1 to 4 yarn packages (according to the load capacity). Each dyeing kier is independent with a reversible pump (IN/OUT and OUT/IN) and is managed by a dedicated dyeing cycle.

On demand it is possible to produce special dyeing machines DYRAMA 4R/24K able to dye up to 24 kg of package yarn material.