Technical features
distribution system multi-pipe, valves-free
number of robotized arms 1, 2, 3 o 4
number of distribution lines 25, 50, 80 o 120

Bulk MULTI-PIPE “valves-free” system to send the dissolved recipes and the chemicals dispensed to the single dyeing machines

DISTRIBUTOR receives the liquid chemicals and dissolved dyestuffs from the various dispensing machines and forwards them to the dyeing units. The advantage of using the present color kitchen is to avoid the use of valves, traditionally used in the mono-pipe distribution systems. The main features are:

  • DISTRIBUTOR is gifted with maximun 4 connection points (heads) and up to 120 individual distribution points for each dyeing unit. Two different distribution pipe types are available, according to the capacity of the single dyeing units to serve: small clutch (DN10, 12×10 mm) or big clutch (DN20, 3/4”).
  • Each distribution point is linked by dedicated pipe-line to the single dyeing unit.
  • A special joining system, between the transfer and connection head and the distribution point of each single dyeing unit, ensures a perfect sealing through a safety device.
  • All machine’s functions are controlled by the central system.
  • The transfer of the various products is made through the distribution line by means of compressed air and, in case of dyestuff solutions, even through a diaphragm pump.
  • The right positioning of the various transfer and connection heads to the various distribution points is controlled by encoder.
  • The liquid chemicals and dyestuff solutions are automatically transferred to the respective dyeing units as well as the washing waters are controlled by the specific dedicated software.
  • The management of the whole working cycle is made by electropneumatic control panel and centralized P C.