Dos&Dye® Compact: the 4.0 solution for obtaining automated and interconnected dyeing processes.

Tecnorama has always been alert to the issues of sustainability, quality and productivity in the sphere of bulk production. It has spent a great deal of time, energy and resources in research & development, enabling it to come up with “high-tech” systems.
Work has focused in particular on fully automating the dyeing laboratory, which is universally considered to be critical for achieving optimal results in bulk production.
In this particular segment Tecnorama has devised and built a system for the completely automatic management of dyeing laboratory activities: Dos&Dye® Compact.
This system combines and integrates a dispensing machine (Dosorama) with several models of dyeing machine, all components being fully automatic and robotic.
With Dos&Dye® Compact systems it is possible to optimise a number of production processes, ensuring the reliability and repeatability of results obtained in the laboratory and their transfer to the production plant.
All types of manual and process errors are avoided with the completely automated Dos&Dye® Compact system, and with the aid of traceability systems all the steps of jobs done by single work units can be monitored at all times and/or studied at a later date, ensuring optimal performance levels over time.
Advanced information technologies are used to fully manage and monitor the data from all laboratory activities and to transfer data, including by remote means, allowing global interconnections among the various systems and significantly improving the quality, sustainability and productivity of associated industrial processes.
Results are also clearly positive in the areas of ecology (less consumption of water and energy), safety (no manual intervention or contact with products or dyestuffs) and economics (greater productivity and less need for corrections/re-dyeing). The optimisation of laboratory activities results in a greater flexibility and competitiveness for bulk production, meaning that the Dos&Dye® Compact System is perfectly suited to the Industry 4.0 model.

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