Pantone, the world leader in color specification, communication and inspiration for more than fifty years, recently purchased a Tecnorama Dos&Dye compact system for the textile color production facility of its global manufacturing headquarters, located in Carlstadt, New Jersey.

The decision by the recognized global color authority to make this acquisition came after Pantone technicians conducted on-site dyeing tests at Tecnorama’s Prato laboratories, which yielded impressive results.

The Dos&Dye compact’s completely automatic, robotized dosing and dyeing system will enable Pantone to increase production efficiencies while maintaining its high standards for color reproduction accuracy.

Pantone’s acquisition of a Tecnorama Dos&Dye compact dyeing system is sure to be a profitable technical collaboration between the two color companies: Tecnorama will provide hardware, software upgrades and technical support, while Pantone will draw upon its deep practical experience to suggest improvements and optimization of the Dos&Dye compact system.

It is a promising collaboration that will be sure to yield benefits for both companies for years to come.