50 years have passed (1963-2013) since the day that Mario Scatizzi was awarded his diploma as a Expert Chemist and Dyer from the I.T.I.S. Q. Sella institute in Biella, that now is also seat of the educational activities of the Higher Technical Institute for Made in Italy Fashion System – Textile, Clothing and Fashion. And as if to commemorate this “milestone”, fate has decided to give the former student the gift of an order for the installation of a complete SPECTRODYE system at the same institute that led him to become an expert and renowned entrepreneur in the field of applied robotics in the chemical industry.

He was also quite honoured to have received the order form the Higher Technical Institute, as it gives him the opportunity to provide the current I.T.I.S. and Higher Technical Institute Professors with an extremely modern and innovative teaching tool that would have been unthinkable just 50 years ago: one that has been conceived, designed and manufactured entirely by the technical staff of Tecnorama, which is managed by Mario Scatizzi himself.

Using transmittance technology, this tool is capable of thoroughly analysing the dyeing behaviour and the depletion curves of the individual dyes present in the dye bath as the operating conditions continue to vary:
Temperature, pH, Salinity, etc.

In fact, the dyeing machine is connected to the SPECTRODYE system’s special variable thickness “optical chamber” via a circuit of pipes, which are designed to collect and recirculate the dye in the dyeing bath. This circuit also contains the other measuring instruments necessary for recording the changes in the bath’s status in real time: pH meter, Pt100, conductivity meter, etc.

Thanks to the use of a spectrophotometer, the system is capable of perceiving and detecting subtle colour variations in the dye bath throughout the entire the dyeing cycle and in real time. A specific software application manages and records everything that happens within the dyeing machine, allowing the user to print or view the data on a monitor for immediate or subsequent analysis. Students attending upcoming training and refresher courses organized by the Higher Technical Institute for Made in Italy Fashion System will have the opportunity to appreciate the exceptional dyeing analysis technology offered by tools like the SPECTRODYE system, which provide for the direct and real-time viewing of the various dyeing processes, thus facilitating their interpretation by both students and technicians alike.

Tecnorama and Mario Scatizzi himself would like to thank the I.T.I.S. Q. Sella administration and all the professors who have opted for the use of this Tecnorama technology. They will not be disappointed.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best in your professional endeavours.