Analysis laboratory module, with optical system for the “on–line” transmittance reading of the dye-bath, combined with the “on–line” reflectance reading of the sample to be dyed.

SPECTRORAMA system, developed and patented by TECNORAMA, is a set of equipment designed to carry out the spectrometric analysis of a dyeing cycle, with simultaneous readings of the dye-bath and textile material.
By coupling the spectrometric analysis of exhaustion curves and the variations of the single concentrations of dyestuffs, for both the dye liquor and the textile material, it is possible to acquire an exact picture, at any time, of the progress of the dyeing cycle in question. With the direct spectrometric analysis of the textile material, applying the reflectance technology, excellent exhaustion analysis results are obtained. The direct spectrometric analysis of the textile material, during the dyeing process, also allows a correct evaluation of the final shade at tained by the material during dyeing and af ter the various washing operations, offering considerable advantages compared with previous dyeing processes and evaluations o f t he real Δ E.
The system uses a software for the automatic management of all data through the processing of appropriate algorithms needed for a complete analysis. The interface uses simple functions and makes interpretation easy for the operator.