Dyeing module with 5 individual kiers, for samples from 25 up to 50 g

The ROTODYRAMA 5R/50 module consists of 5 independent dyeing units of a maximum loading capacity of 50g, to be placed in the DOS&DYE® systems and able to carry out dyes on fabric or knitted fabric samples.

This laboratory machine is the evolution of our SHAKERAMA of which it uses the same dyeing concept: movement of the dye-bath and, simultaneously, also that of the material.
The ROTODYRAMA repeats, in laboratory, the dyeing system used in the “rotating basket” machines for bulk. The peculiarity of the ROTODYRAMA, compared to the traditional rotating basket machines, is that it allows us to carry out all phases of the dyeing processes in a fully automatic way:

    • Loading and unloading of the samples
    • Dispensing of the dyestuffs and of the various chemicals or auxiliaries
    • Water dispensing
    • Heating and cooling
    • Dye-bath draining
    • Heating by means electric resistance and cooling through of indirect water circulation
    • Working temperature up to 140°C.
    • Minimum bath ratio for cotton and woollen fabrics of 1:7 and up to 1:5 for polyester, polyamide and the other synthetic fibres.

All these operations are automated and controlled by a specific software and can also be managed from remote.
In this way, also the ROTODYRAMA can be properly used and included in the DOS&DYE® systems characterizing the Tecnorama production.