Dyeing module with individual kiers of different capacities and forced dye-bath circulation over reversible pump

The main feature of these DYRAMA dyeing machines is the bath circulation obtained by a reversible pump (IN/OUT and OUT/IN). This allows an excellent reproducibility of the dyeing processes obtained on the bulk machines, especially for the yarn dyeing. The minimum liquor ratio is 1:6.
The pump speed is controlled by an inverter. DYRAMA are modules with independent autoclaves, managed by individual programs. The maximum temperature reached is 140°C, by means of electrical resistance (jacket) and indirect cooling is obtained with forced water circulation. DYRAMA 8R/100 has 8 autoclaves, to dye samples from 50 up to 100 grams; DYRAMA 8R/200 has 8 autoclaves, to dye samples from 100 up to 200 grams; DYRAMA 6R/500 has 6 autoclaves, to dye samples from 250 up to 500 grams.
A large range of material carriers (beams, baskets, etc.) is available according to the form of the sample to dye. The samples parking can house up maximum 24 material carriers for DYRAMA 8R/100 and DYRAMA 8R/200, while they are 18 for DYRAMA 6R/500.