Dispensing machine for dyestuffs solutions and chemicals with volumetric MULTI-PIPETTE system, with automatic solutions preparation and powder dyestuffs dispensing (for small batches dyeing machines)

DOSORAMA WSL is an evolution of DOSORAMA WS and is especially recommended to serve small dyeing machines in bulk production and laboratory. As well as its standard equipment on WS, the WSL has bigger dispensing canisters for powder or granulated dyestuffs (2 litres) for accurate dispensing with very fast dispensing times up to 350 g.

By combining these features with the ones existing on WS, this machine is more versatile and very important for the management of small and tiny doses, where the utmost accuracy is needed. The DWS dissolving unit makes it possible to dissolve the dyestuffs perfectly, while the recipe is sent directly to the dyeing machines, all in a completely automatic way and without the need of any operator’s intervention.