Dispensing machine for dyestuffs and chemicals solutions with volumetric mono-pipette system.

DOSORAMA V is the simpliest model of the whole range of automatic dispensing machines manufactured by TECNORAMA. The system dispenses with a high accuracy. This machine does not have any dispensing valve or tubing but uses only a single and simple pipette. The pipette is moved by an accurate robotic system along X, Y and Z axes over the various bottles placed on the machine table. The bottles are sealed with special caps to prevent any evaporation during the stay of solutions on the machine table. There is also an automatic stirring system for each bottle to prevent solution sedimentation. A valid system of automatic pipette cleaning prevents any contamination between the various products during the dispensing of different solutions.

The system is completed by the use of a semi-automatic solution maker PSE connected to DOSORAMA V machine.

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