Laboratory machine for dispensing of solutions and liquid chemicals with original “mono-plunger” volumetric system

The new Dosorama Smart is designed and built to maintaining the multi-pipette concept patented by Tecnorama.
The innovative system “MONO-PLUNGER” maintains all the features of our dispensing machines, such as speed of execution, dispensing accuracy and elimination of contamination typical of the obsolete mono-pipette systems.
Furthermore, the new axis system has been realized according to the most modern and sophisticated technical solutions.
DOSORAMA SMART is a high performing machine at moderate price, designed to considerably reduce the need for technical intervention and to guarantee an easier maintenance.
The complete solution includes, in the frame of DOSORAMA SMART, our automatic dyeing machines in a simplified version: 2 groups of SHAKERAMA with 4 autoclaves or 6 single units TURBODYE, able to process all textile materials.
This proposal offers an inexpensive version of DOS&DYE® system for those companies needing small daily production in the laboratory with all the qualitative and productive advantages guaranteed by the DOS&DYE® system.
The system is completed by the use of the semi-automatic solution maker PSE, connected to DOSORAMA SMART.