The DOS&DYE® is a laboratory system used to obtain the EXACT recipe to be replicated in bulk machinery (RIGHT FIRST TIME). This allows to drastically REDUCE the correction in production and the re-dyeing, enabling a considerable time saving and improving the productivity.

Overcoming the limits inherent in the manual management of the laboratory, the DOS&DYE® system reduces water and energy consumption for an environmental friendly approach and offers substantial economic benefits.

The system consists of an automatic dispensing machine and one or more robotized dyeing machines (suitable for all types of fibers and in all forms), available in various capacities and with different types of bath circulation.


Evaluated by an International Testing, Inspection and Certification Institute, the DOS&DYE® possesses the features required to comply with Industry 4.0 incentives: CNC/PLC control, interconnection with factory information system, integration with logistic system, machine-friendly interface, standard safety compliance, continuous monitoring of working conditions, process parameters and remote control.

Components of the DOS&DYE® system are certified with the green label Acimit that reports the emission consumption of CO2, demonstrating the commitment of the company to environmental protection.

Conceived and patented by Tecnorama, the DOS&&DYE® is entirely manufactured in Italy and built to work with all the dyestuffs and chemicals used in the textile dyeing industry. All the parts in contact with the dye-baths are made of stainless steel 316, while the structure is in stainless steel and aluminium.


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