The color reproducibility for the PANTONE swatch cards



Pantone, the American company that has developed the Pantone universal chromatic language in order to establish, communicate and control the color in graphics, fashion and product design.


To provide a performing and cost-effective system for the sampling of the famous swatch cards, the worldwide reference for the chromatic specifications.


To equip the headquarters of Carlstadt, New Jersey with a system capable of guaranteeing color reproducibility with absolute errorless clarity.


The Dos&Dye system is composed of a dispensing machine Dosorama WS and three dyeing modules Turbodye 8R/20 – in all 24 single independent autoclaves – completely eliminating the manual dispensing and dyeing which required an intermediate step.
The possibility of human error has been completely phased out – an absolutely necessary condition for the color reproducibility of the swatch cards.
The reduction in the number of dyeing processes to attain the exact color permits a considerable cost saving and also time saving that increase productivity.


Date: 2014

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