A FULL AUTOMATIC solution to automate all laboratory processes and execute up to 850 recipes a day.



KBC, Lörrach, Germany, Europe’s largest textile printing company at the time


To unify the three laboratories in which it produced, 24 hours a day over three shifts, the 600+ recipes needed to supply the numerous sampling machines and execute the relative test prints.


To come up with a “full automatic” solution, understanding how to automate the many extremely complex (considering the technology available at the time) and customised processes required by the customer, for instance:

  • automating the dispensing of recipes, using 60 different dyestuffs and 5 different printing pastes
  • using two containers of different capacity (1 kg and 4 kg) for dispensing recipes to be automatically supplied to the machine further to specific requestsx
  • executing the perfect and uniform mixing of the recipe (paste and dyestuffs), leaving no lumps in the mix
  • automating the washing process for the two mixers which, once clean, had to be used for the subsequent mixing
  • drafting a final report on a label to be automatically applied to the container in order to recognise and correctly use the product inside
  • Placing the containers on a storage belt, ready for use
  • Making sure that each phase of the process worked continuously and in parallel with other phases.


Dosorama KBC: designed, built and put into service in just 6 months. When fully operational the system was able to execute up to 850 full recipes a day!



Date: 2003