Dispensing with minute quantities of dyestuffs and chemicals with high accuracy for yarn dyeing in small batches



The Amann Group, the German producer of sewing threads and a leading international company. In 2014, a DOSORAMA was chosen as a high performing dispensing machine for their plant in China. Since then Tecnorama has supplied the Amann Group with several systems for their factories in Europe and Asia.


To automate and increase the accuracy level of dyestuffs and chemicals dispensing for small batches machines (from 200g – 5 Kg load capacity).


Sewing threads are produced in very small batches consisting of several colors in order to meet the exigencies of the clothing manufacturing industry.
To develop a system able to dispense with high accuracy and transfer the recipes to the small production dyeing machines in 24 hours.


The elimination of all manual operations has been achieved providing customized systems according to the single production requirements of the several units of the company, as number and capacity of the machines to be served, number of daily dyeing baths, etc…
For the new factory in Mawna, Bangladesh, in addition to the Dos&Dye system, TECNORAMA has supplied a Dosorama MVP predisposed to dispense very small quantities of chemicals (from 5 cc) and a Dosorama WSL to dispense and dissolve very small quantities of powder dyestuffs and granulates. Chemicals and dissolved dyestuffs are transferred to the dyeing machines by means of the Distributor, a multi-pipe “valves-free” system that guarantees the elimination of any contamination risk among the recipes. Automation and accuracy have replaced the traditional manual dispensing system optimizing and modernizing the manufacturing processes.


Date: 2018

Watch the interview with the Managing Director of: Amann Bngladesh