Efficiency in the textile dyeing laboratory for an exclusive and inimitable material



Alcantara SpA, the producer of the patented material – Alcantara – with proprietary technology to which Tecnorama has provided, since the middle of the 1990s, laboratory dispensing machines.


to automate the laboratory in order to reach “right first time” results thus guaranteeing reproducibility, in bulk, of the recipe developed in laboratory. The goal is to maintain the quality and excellence of the MADE IN ITALY product.


To equip the company with an automatic system for its laboratory guaranteeing the exact formula to be reproduced in bulk dyeing machines. This system had to replace the traditional manual laboratory dyeing machines that did not permit the accurate reproduction of the dyeing process when dealing with this particular material.


The two different laboratories, just a short distance from each other, have adopted two new Tecnorama systems to implement the production of the existing supply of machines.
One system, in the bulk test laboratory, equipped with a particular conveyor belt where the Dosorama WS machine dispenses, continuously in 24 hours, all the necessary recipes to dye the daily samples.
The other, in the research and development laboratory, besides having the same characteristic of the previous one, is also equipped with a dyeing machine model Turbodye with special material holders suitable to dye Alcantara’s exclusive materials.
This Dos&Dye system operates the dyeing process in successive steps: dispensing directly in the autoclaves, loading and unloading the sample to dye, dyeing in full accordance with the program such as in the bulk machines, additions during the process, final soaping and washing directly in the autoclaves and always maintaining temperature and time factors incorporated in the set process.


Date: 2017

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