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Color Solutions International (CSI) is the leading producer of color standards and color communication tools. CSI, a division of DyStar, provides retailers and brands with a variety of flexible color options and services


To get a performing and economically advantageous system for dispensing, dissolving and transferring recipes to their small-batch dyeing machines, used to dye 14-inch-high samples (CSI standard).


To develop an automatic dispensing system, working without any operator intervention, for small recipes avoiding any risk of error, working 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.


CSI has already adopted a Tecnorama dispensing system used to cover their laboratory sampling machines needs and, knowing the versatility, accuracy and experience in the development of dispensing systems, they decided to trust Tecnorama solutions again. It has been supplied a system consisting of a Dosorama WS dispensing machine and a DWS dissolving unit. The manual operations have been completely eliminated because the recipes are dispensed, dissolved and transferred directly to the side tanks of their dyeing machines. Even the chemicals, when required by the dyeing process, are dispensed and sent to the addition tanks. The Tecnorama system has been interfaced directly to the supervision system adopted by CSI, able to communicate directly and avoid operator manual inputs. In this way, complete automation of the dispensing processes has been obtained.


Date: 2020

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