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Automate dyehouse laboratories with Tecnorama Dos&Dye® system to increase the reproducibility parameters with bulk receipts.

Automate dyehouses with Dosorama automatic systems for the dyestuffs and chemicals dispensing to optimize the duration of dyeing processes without any waste of products.


Be present in all markets, directly or through local agents, to promote Tecnorama automatic systems and give support to clients with dedicated projects tailor-made.


Tecnorama - Igatex Pakistan

26 - 29 April 2017
Karachi EXPO
Stand D-5-01 to D-5-14 Hall 05

Tecnorama - International Textile

Proud to have been chosen by International Textile Ltd

Tecnorama - New video TO COLOR


Tecnorama - Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Dosing and dyeing solutions since 1984

TECNORAMA develops and produces automatic machinery for dissolving  and dispensing of liquid/solid dyestuffs and chemicals for laboratory and bulk production.